If You have alredyan eyebrows tattoo, and You would like a new, fresh color:

„Beauty is when happenchance and goodness meet.” Simon Weil

Rarely enough to refresh the colors. Usuly need a new form.


In time trends are changing, and mimik is changes.  If renew a not ideal form, in few years it will detreiorate.

Certainly, You have cames the best expert. Who treats all these issues, simultaneously trendiest face.

You have to make Your choice.

How many occasions the does a modoification contain?

Each case is different. It depends on the skin type, and quantity of pigment.

We need to know, when and how many times You stay in Biudapest. The treatment plan will be customized according to this.

In 2016 You can get rid of  Your  suprised, or pipe shaped eyebrows, or blue or greyish colors. If You have one of these, I can remove it for good.

magyar_zsuzsa_permanent_make_up_art_budapest (100)

The spring of 2016 is marked by original style with natural effect.

If this will be Your first eyebrows tattoo:

In some trendiest techniks how choice th ebest? How to make it natural it depends ont he skin type,  the symmetry, and th ebest colors.

Check out the photo illustrations  made with the most modern technology.


magyar_zsuzsa_permanent_make_up_art_budapest (2)

magyar_zsuzsa_permanent_make_up_art_budapest (19)

eyebrow_permanent_make_up_repair eyebrow_permanent_make_up_repair (1)