Art in Permanent Make Up- MAGYAR ZSUZSA


„The make up (permanent make up) is only a tool for beauty, but self confidence, the  special female feeling which You get trough  it are uinique. „

Art in permanent make up

Iam Magyar Zsuzsa, Your permanent make up artist, and most multitalentid permanent make up master in Hungary.

I can garantee the highest quality in eeyebrows pmu – hair stroke, 3D shading – hair stroke technique, powder style shading,
from pmu eye liner to buterfly shading
from rouge style pmu – to one color- to 3D shading technique
repair of old tattoos
old tattoo removal with laser.

You will not only given good tattoo, but YoU will olsó be rewaarded, You with a happy face of perfect beauty…Your special beauty makes You a unique and original character, that cannot be copied.
22 years of experience and a lot of case studies help find the perfect solution to treat any previous tattoos.

Permanent make up is my passion.

  • Nowdays I have three cutting edge devices and three pigment brands at Your disposal.
    According to –
    – Your skin type and Your color
    – the properties of Your eyebrows
    – the most natural effect
    – sthe most permanent result.
    -Total Coast pmu for You
    – Please take one photo of Ypourself and send itt ous.

Messenger Facebbook:

  • – (natural, and focusing on Your face, at proper lighting, possibly You can send another photo of the desired result)
    – if You like, You are welcome to a free designing at an appointmant. If You is sattisfied the design, You will vant this pmu.

Very important information Before after

General Pricelist is here: Price list

How long time it takes – One area is 2,5 ours, (eye, eyebrows, or lips)

The price contains:

full planning for Your satisfaction
– in Your style  to ensure You will feel good
the safest solution to any case
knowledge, experience and innovation

If  You have an old tattoo(s)

You will need coustomized treatment plan.

You will get a most carefully treatment if Your old tattoo has to be remowed with special laser technology.

You will be the most beautiful, if You are happy with Your unique beautyowing to pmu.