How mutch it coast? Magyar Zsuzsa permanent Make Up Art price


Ideal case – the price 1-2 session, if You have an asymmetric tattoo, I can help You with a few meetings…

the price depends on choosen area, and style, and size, and maybe You have an old tattoo, and we can treated…

Please, check out the price list.

The careful planning, 23 years’ experience, precise high quality work, with cutting edge technology included in.

„Beauty is hidden int he eyes ont he spectator (J permanent make u partist).”

After teh permanent make up You will be VIP member of MAGYAR ZSUZSA PERMANENT MAKE UP VIP CLUB.

Madonna VIP kartya 85,6x54 v3

After some years I wait for You for renewal…at the most favourable discont prices.

everyiting depends on You…