Permanent make up Information

“It is not important, for You to put in words beauty and truth, it is more importantt to get to know them.”  Márai Sándor



Before the treatment You should avoid direct sunlight. ( so Your skin will not be red)



3D eyelash removal is nessesary at least 2 days before the treatment

Lips: apply cream, so Your lips won’t be dry

If You are inclined to have herpes simplex, start to take Telviran four days before the treatment


One week before the treatment don’t do removal

Skin peeling is not allowed, because Youd skin will be dry.


  • skin shouldn’t contact water for 5 days

  • Please pay attention to it when washing Your hair.

  • for minimum 2 weeks the solarium is forbidden.

    • important! even after that You must use sun cream 50 spf

  • 6-14 days after the treatment the skin shouldn’t contact water for more than one minute.

  • You should apply the cream several times per day

What can You expect after the first the treatment?

after 5 days the color will be lighter, by the 21st day it will turn darker, or more intensive.

After first treatment service

Between 21-90 days You can get free correction.

If You find that Your tattoo is getting paler in time, we are at Your service for a renewal.   

Tattoo Removal

Before: same as before tattooing   

After: same as after tattooing, but more:

Tattoo Removal

Daily task:

  1. You should desinfect it 2 times per day with Octenisept

  2. after that apply 1/8 of the phial to Your skin

  3. than use Bepanten or Cicaplast

Pay special attention to it for two weeks.


After you use up tattoo HERE!